Become a Creator on EliteFans

Become a Creator

Apply and be a Verified Creator within a Couple Hours! Top Creators can Earn on EliteFans €10,000+ a month!

Become a Creator

What sets us Apart?

Referral Bonuses

You will be given a special link that will link customers to your account. You will earn 5% commission of the creators you refer to EliteFans for 180 days.


Sell the option to peel off an emoji/text over your photos. You can give a taste of your media before users purchase it or subscribe to you. You have the option to use emojis and text if you want for higher conversion rates!

Followers and Subscribers

Users can "follow" your account for free and you can choose to post media/video/text to them or send DMs to them. This allows for users to constantly see and be reminded that you are a creator on the platform if they decide to choose to pay and subscribe to you.

80-20 Split

EliteFans only takes a 20% fee of your earnings. You are left with 80% of your subscription and direct sales earnings plus your referral earnings.

Becoming a EliteFans Creator FAQ

How much money will I earn with EliteFans?

As a creator you earn 80% of everything you sell on the site. Users can subscribe and pay monthly to you or you can sell media directly to them at a fixed one time cost.

What payment methods are used for payouts?

We offer payouts via Bank Transfer (ACH/SEPA), Skrill, and Wise.

How are my earnings calculated?

As a creator selling content and subscriptions you will earn 80% of what users pay to you. If you earn €100 on EliteFans you will receive €80. Also you can refer creators to the site.

How frequent are payouts?

Once you are verified and earn above €50 we will make a payout every two weeks.

Can I use the affiliate system even if I am not verified?

Yes, your earnings will accumulate but you must get verified in order to receive a payout.

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